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Pitshanger v PPA : Harrow U15 League Trophy

Argyle Road, Ealing : 14:00pm KO

PPA Team : Yves, Rory, Serag, Fin, Thomas, Leo , Chris, Johnny, Gabe, Jonah, Tarique

Bench: Charlie,  Joe,  Jack*, Khalidu

Final Score : Pitshanger 2 – Pro Potential Academy 1

Goalscorer : Gabe

PPA Man of the Match : Yves

It turned out to be an impromptu Mom’s day (only Roy & Tom were ‘non-management’ dads) near beautiful, downtown Pitshanger (a real treat for your correspondent who can’t say he’d been to this part of Ealing before).  A bit chilly.  Ladies (Rosalind, Kathy & Roxanne) resorted to blankets and puffer jackets.  Kathy, in particular, looking fetching in Yves’s sister’s puffer vest.  Ah, on to football. . .

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Actual Soccer v PPA : Harrow Youth League U15 Division 1

Hillcrest Road, Ealing : 12.15pm KO

PPA Team : Yves, Serag, Ness, Fin, Thomas, Jack, Khalidu, Chris, Johnny (cpt), Gabe, Leo

Bench (full, not a tumbleweed in sight) : Charlie, Chika, Joe, Jonah, Tarique

Final Score : Actual Soccer 1 – Pro Potential Academy 2

 Goalscorer(s) : Jonah (2)

PPA Man of the Match : Ness

A beautiful sunny day on the Ealing ridge, a village fete atmosphere, real mugs of tea, Kosher bacon sandwiches for Mr Rosen and a postage stamp sized warm up space for a full PPA team. Conspicuous by their absence, Rory, committed elsewhere, Zach, injury and Louis, resting. A welcome back to Jonah from extended leave and to Ness joining the back four.

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PPA v St Joseph’s : Harrow Youth League U15 Division 1

Paddington Rec:  11.00 KO

PPA Team: Yves, Rory; Finlay; Zach; Thomas; Chris; Johnny; Gabriel; Leo; Tarique; Khalidu

PPA Bench: Charlie; Jack; Joe; Louis

PPA Scorers: Leo (2); Khalidu

PPA Man of the Match: Leo

On the back of last week’s 10-man heroics, PPA needed to dig out another 3 points, to maintain the final push for promotion.  On a strong unbeaten run, James and Alie were confident that this was another game in which PPA could prevail. Read more

Parkfield v PPA : Harrow Youth League U15 Division 1

John Rumney Playing Fields, Hatch End: Kick Off 12:30

Weather: Glorious April day; dry and sunny with a cooling breeze

PPA: Yves; Rory; Finlay; Zach; Louis; Khalidu; Chris; Jack; Johnny; Tarique

Bench: Tumbleweed

Score: 0 -4

PPA Man of the Match: Khalidu

PPA Scorers: Chris (2) Tarique; Khalidu

International duty decimated the PPA squad for the return fixture against Parkfield, with the UCS and Latimer boys all away on tour. Having claimed 3 easy points at home the squad were upbeat despite diminished numbers. A first start for Louis and only the third for Khalidu, who both performed impeccably and will make future selection even more difficult! Read more

Netherlands Easter Tournament (Arnhem) 2013 Tour Report

Day 1 – Good Friday

An historic moment, as PPA Under 15s assembled, at the ungodly hour of 05.00, at Paddington Rec. to embark on the first ever PPA European Tour.  Fortunately, Landsley Ware had been up all night preparing a mountain of bacon sandwiches, hungrily devoured by the Tour Team – except for David and Johnny, who had thoughtfully equipped themselves with Salmon Bagels for the journey!  Read more